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10x Chromium: how does it work and what are its features?

10x Chromium is a machine, or platform, that researchers use for high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). It enables the analysis of gene expression profiles at single-cell resolution. Also, it can…

What is CellRanger and How Do You Use It?

To unravel single-cell RNA sequencing data, scientists can use Cell Ranger, a tool developed by 10x Genomics that combines with most 10x Genomics services. The CellRanger software empowers researchers to…

Sample fixation user guide

With our 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression Flex service, we offer complete, scalable solutions for measuring single-cell gene expression in formaldehyde-fixed samples. This protocol explains how to process and…

Posterized spatial single-cells in a 2D epithelial patch colored in bands of 1000 microns. Credit: Smit et al. (2022)

Spatially annotated SORT-seq

What happens if you combine SORT-seq and microscopy-based spatial annotation? A group of scientists made that high-tech merger happen, generating a single-cell dataset with high transcript counts and tissue-context information….

BioTuring single cell browser BBrowserX update

BBrowserX: BioTuring single-cell browser update

BioTuring has just released its latest software offering, the BioTuring BBrowserX. This Bioturing single-cell browser is designed to help researchers analyze and visualize large amounts of single-cell data quickly and easily. It’s now available for all Single Cell Discoveries clients.

Cell type identification or cell type annotation is one of the main goals of single-cell sequencing and single-cell transcriptomics. This image illustrates in vivid color the high resolution with which a scientist can examine individual cells.

How we tackle cell type annotation

One of the main challenges in single-cell data interpretation is annotating cell types. In this blog, we explain our process of collaborating with clients to analyze single-cell data and assign cell type identity labels.