Four reasons to collaborate with a single-cell sequencing service provider

Getting started with single-cell sequencing can be overwhelming.  Most academic institutes have single-cell facilities, but if yours doesn’t or you’re looking for other single-cell techniques, you might want to consider working with a service provider. 

Here, we explain why you should consider collaborating with a service provider for single-cell sequencing. 

It’s easy 

At Single Cell Discoveries, we help you with every step in the single-cell sequencing process. From designing your project to (preliminary) data analysis. 

Each project starts with a free intake meeting where we discuss the design of your project. Then, all you need to do is prepare your samples and send them to us! We process your samples in our lab and send them out for sequencing. 

When your data arrives, we perform a preliminary data analysis. The preliminary data analysis includes QC reports, count tables, and a clustering and differential gene expression analysis. You will receive this on top of the raw sequencing data.  

And if you need more help, you can always book additional data analysis done by our bioinformaticians. 

You gain access to our expertise 

We have experience with single-cell sequencing since 2012. In those years, we have worked with many different species and tissues. And, we have helped scientists answer a great variety of research questions.

When you decide to work with us, you gain access to our knowledge obtained by years and years of single-cell work.  Therefore, we are the perfect partner to help solve all your single-cell sequencing challenges.  

You gain access to novel techniques 

We are constantly working on implementing and developing novel technologies. Before we officially launch a new service, it is often tested together with clients.  

Furthermore, we are always open to discuss methods or protocols that are not in our current service portfolio.

We are academics 

We are a spin-off company from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands. And all our employees have a scientific background. 

Therefore, we know what is important in academics, and we know what you need to publish your results.  

Want to discuss your project? Schedule a free intake meeting with one of our specialists. Or read more about the differences between us and core facilities. 

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