Three reasons to outsource single-cell sequencing

Single-cell sequencing can be challenging to set up in-house. Here, we highlight a few reasons to outsource single-cell sequencing.

You don’t have the resources 

If you are considering setting up your own single-cell department, you need skilled staff, space, and time. Since acquiring these resources can be difficult, you should consider outsourcing (part of) your single-cell sequencing projects. 

Single-cell sequencing is a relatively novel technology, so acquiring skilled staff can be difficult. The alternative, training staff, is timeconsuming since single-cell sequencing has a long learning curve. If this is an issue you are dealing with, you might want to use the skills and knowledge of a service provider’s staff 

If you need single-cell data soon, setting up your own department is not what you need right nowIt’s very timeconsuming to learn the correct protocols and master data analysis. So, it will take a while before your department is fully functioning. Outsourcing your single-cell sequencing projects can solve this problem for you.  

When you outsource single-cell sequencing to a service provider, you can start right away without worrying about acquiring the resources first. At Single Cell Discoveries, we provide a solution from start to finish. 

Gain access to our expertise 

If you choose Single Cell Discoveries as your service provider, you can use our expertise to your advantage. We have experience with single-cell sequencing since 2012, so we can help you with all the challenges that you encounter.  

For example, we can assist in optimizing the experiment by running some pilots first, or we can provide you with a complete data analysis by our skilled data analysis department. 

Gain access to novel technologies 

We have some exclusive technologies in our portfolio and novel technologies are being developed constantly. Working with us allows you to use our exclusive technologies or have access to our new technologies early. 

Looking for a service provider to outsource single-cell sequencing? Book a meeting with one of our specialists to discuss the options. 

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