BioTuring and Single Cell Discoveries data vizualization partnership

Do you want to quickly and intuitively analyze your single-cell sequencing data, and export your results without having to know how to code?

Single Cell Discoveries and BioTuring have set up a partnership to make BioTuring’s single-cell browser available to Single Cell Discoveries’ customers. You can request a license to use the browser when you submit your samples on our website.

With the license, you can interactively browse your single-cell sequencing data for a special rate.

Together with the preliminary analysis supplied by us, this will allow you to quickly understand and analyze the results obtained with your latest single-cell sequencing experiment.

The single cell browser

Bioturing’s single cell browser is designed to make analysis of single-cell sequencing data easy and intuitive.

The single cell browser allows you to:

  • Cluster your single-cell sequencing dataset
  • Annotate identified populations
  • Find differentially expressed genes in clusters or in hand-selected groups of cells
  • Perform GO-term analysis
  • Plot gene expression in a tSNE or UMAP
  • Export your results

We are convinced this easy-to-use software will help you go from fresh sequencing results to beautiful, presentation-ready graphs and conclusions within hours.

How it works

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