Reinke, welcome to the team!

We are happy to announce that Reinke has joined the team as a financial assistant. Reinke’s education actually started in science. She finished the HLO in Utrecht a long time ago. During that time, she worked in a lab and contributed to a paper. Due to circumstances, she was introduced to the world of Finance, which was love at first sight (jobwise). For the last 15 years, Reinke has worked in multiple businesses, from a small firm that sold garage equipment to bigger ones like a CRO. She decided to join the team of Single Cell Discoveries as a financial assistant and hopefully give Judith some relief. She will be responsible for the operational tasks in finance, such as invoicing.

Reinke was born and partially raised in Amsterdam, and you could hear the accent when she speaks to one of her family members. During her teenage years, the whole family moved to Vianen, which she never left. She loves being close to Utrecht but still living in a rural setting, which means that she can be in the “middle of nowhere” within 5 minutes. Reinke loves taking walks and enjoying the cows and canals.

Reinke is a proud mom of three children and a soon-to-be grandmother! She is looking forward to lots of cuddles and baby smells, and will be happy to return the little one to its parents when it is crying. Together with her LAT partner, she has 4 furry babies, her cats. During the weekend, she likes to cook all kinds of recipes together with her partner. After dinner, she likes to relax with a glass of red wine and a good book.

We are happy to welcome Reinke to the team!

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