Weekly Webinar Single-cell Sequencing

Join the weekly webinar with our specialists to learn more about single-cell sequencing.

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Weekly Webinar

Our Weekly Webinar on single-cell sequencing is an interactive webinar that provides you with basic information about single-cell sequencing projects at Single Cell Discoveries.


What will you learn?

In the weekly webinar we discuss the following:

  • A quick overview of our single-cell technologies
  • The experimental setup of your project
  • The sample requirements
  • Pricing
  • Q&A


When should you attend?

We advise you to follow this webinar when:

  • You are new to single-cell sequencing
  • You have never done a project with us
  • You have some general questions for us
  • You are looking for an indication of our prices

Working on a large project or with difficult samples? Or do you have a specific project to discuss? Book a meeting with our specialists.



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