Movie: How we work

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Movie: How we work

Watch our short movie "how we work", to see how we help our clients by providing complete services for their single-cell sequencing projects. From cells to data. From start to finish.

PS: Don't miss the bloopers!   

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Schedule a call with one of our specialists to discuss your project. Based on your biological question, samples type and budget, we'll help you with designing the best experiment for your project.

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Send us your samples and we'll take care of the rest. With different technologies available, highly standardized processes, and stringent Quality Control measures in place, we'll produce the best data possible.

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Data analysis


To help you get on your way with the data fast, we provide a preliminary data analysis with all of our services. If you need more help or require a custom analysis of your data, we can help as well.

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Bastiaan Bijl

Business Development Manager

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