Fredrik Salmén, welcome to the team!

Fredrik Salmén

We are happy to announce that Fredrik Salmén has joined the team as a data scientist/R&D consultant! At Single Cell Discoveries, Fredrik will be responsible for setting up new methods and improving existing methods offered by Single Cell Discoveries.

Fredrik is originally from Stockholm, Sweden. This is also the place where he obtained his MSc in Biotechnology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in 2010. After that, he worked as a lab technician for a year and a half before he started his PhD at KTH/Scilifelab in 2012. During his PhD, Fredrik focused on method development, mainly in transcriptomics, and together with a post-doc, they developed a spatial transcriptomics method that was later commercialized (Visium).

After receiving his PhD in 2017, Fredrik moved to Utrecht, Netherlands. In Utrecht, he became a postdoc in the Van Oudenaarden lab at the Hubrecht Institute. Fredrik Salmén continued to work on transcriptomics methods and developed the VASA-seq technology.

What is VASA-seq? Read it here.

In his spare time, Fredrik Salmén likes to work on and ride motorcycles, spend time with his family, and watch series and movies (mainly sci-fi and horror). He also occasionally surfs, which he is also teaching to his son.

We are happy to welcome Fredrik to the team!