Jeroen, welcome to the team!

Jeroen Geerligs

Happy to announce that Jeroen Geerligs is a new addition to the lab team as a technician! Jeroen will mainly be responsible for sample processing, sample shipments, and lab maintenance. He will particularly focus on our Bulk RNA services. Jeroen has a background in Molecular Life Sciences at Utrecht University (BSc) and got acquainted with lab work during his master’s in Drug Innovation at Utrecht University (MSc).

During his bachelor’s internship, Jeroen became familiar with organic chemistry but opted to work closer to the field of cell biology and genetics during his master’s. During his internship at the Pharmaceutics department (Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences) at Utrecht University, Jeroen differentiated stem cells into macrophages by generating overexpression of relevant transcription factors delivered by lentiviral transduction. Having acquired experience with lentiviruses, Jeroen Geerligs joined the Genetics Section (Center for Molecular Medicine) at UMC Utrecht and performed gene-editing by delivering Prime Editing components in lentiviruses to live cells. In extension to the latter internship, he contributed to a review of available genetic therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Jeroen combines his passion for life sciences and genetics with a passion for sports and can often be spotted on his road bike, cycling on the beautiful roads around Utrecht, ice skating on Vechtsebanen, and running whenever he feels like it is time for a running event. Other than sports and science, Jeroen likes to spend time at music venues and festivals. Jeroen’s inner nerd is triggered by analyzing power- and heartrate curves after training, football, and music trivia.

We are happy to welcome Jeroen Geerligs to the team!