Sofia, welcome to the team!

Sofia Drobysheva

Sofia Drobysheva will be working together with R&D and Data teams to analyze data coming from the in-house projects.

She obtained her bachelor’s in biology at Stockholm University. For her degree project, Sofia studied yeast with impaired Ca2+ homeostasis and the effect of ubiquinone (CoQ) biosynthesis on their survival. She also did one semester of exchange studies at Utrecht University, where she learned more about immunology and drug design.

Sofia then discovered the benefit and the beauty of big biological data and went on to do a joint master’s degree in Molecular Techniques in Life Sciences hosted by Stockholm University, KTH, and Karolinska Institutet. The program focused on both state-of-the-art methods and bioinformatics. She then became interested in single-cell transcriptomics and integrated single-cell datasets for her master’s degree project.

In her spare time, Sofia Drobysheva goes on long city walks or watches educational videos about human-friendly city design.