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New project

For each new project, we like to schedule a free consultation. During the meeting, we discuss your biological question, budget, and research setup. Based on your requirements, we advise you on the best technology platform and experimental setup for your project. All our team members have a scientific background, so don't worry about discussing science with our sales team.

Pilot project

If you are new to single-cell sequencing or trying out something new, we always advise you to start small. Start with a pilot project to get to know us better. We'll process and analyze your samples as usual, and based on the outcome, we can discuss the next steps.

Grant Application

If you work on a grant application that includes single-cell sequencing, we can help. Whether you have questions on the technical setup of your project, want us to review your text, or just need pricing information for the budget, we can help you out.

Schedule a consultation

Book a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your project.