Our services

Full-service RNA sequencing

Whether you are interested in doing single-cell RNA sequencing, bulk sequencing or analysing spatial expression data, we can help. Please see an overview of our services below.



Project Planning & Consultancy

Contact us to plan a meeting where we will detail our services and see how we can help you get the most out of your single-cell sequencing experiment. Throughout the project, we will continue to offer advice on the best experimental setup and how to proceed after the data is in.

Cell sorting

Don’t have access to a FACS machine for cell sorting? We might be able to help. Contact us now to enquire for more information on the possibility of having your cells sorted at our facility. 

Sample processing & library prep

In our wet lab, we process your samples to enrich the genetic material for Next Generation Sequencing. We offer plate-based single cell sequencing with the SORT-seq protocol, spatial sequencing with TOMO-seq, bulk RNA sequencing and single-cell sequencing with 10X genomics (coming soon).


After the library prep, your samples are sent for sequencing on an Illumina short-read Next Generation Sequencing machine.

Data analysis

After sequencing the libraries, we can help you with the interpretation of the data. (Single-cell) sequencing data can be complex, and within our company we have years of combined experience with analysing the data. We use sophisticated statistical algorithms to help you get the most out of your data.