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Full-service single-cell RNA sequencing

Whether you are interested in single-cell RNA sequencing of a few hundred cells or thousands of cells, or if you want to perform cost-effective bulk RNA analyses; we can help. Please find an overview of our services below.


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Project Planning & Consultancy

Plan a free intake meeting to discuss your project, requirements and budget to see how we can help you get the most out of your single-cell experiment. Throughout the project, we will continue to offer advice on the best experimental setup and how to proceed after we send you the data.

Sample processing & library prep

In our wet lab, we verify the quality of your samples and process them if they pass our QC. Depending on the chosen single-cell platform, we generate NGS libraries that are ready for sequencing.


After the library prep, your samples are sent for sequencing on an Illumina short-read Next Generation Sequencing machine.

Data analysis

A preliminary data analysis is included in all our services. Single-cell sequencing data can be complex, and because of our years of combined experience with single-cell projects, we will kickstart your research.

Download services and pricing overview