A microfluidic-based PDAC organoid system reveals the impact of hypoxia in response to treatment

This team from Mimetas created patient-derived pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) organoids-on-a-chip, under different oxygen pressure conditions. They evaluated gene expression changes with bulk RNA sequencing under low-oxygen conditions. Then, the team tested standard-of-care chemotherapeutics to analyze drug response in the organoids-on-a-chip. They found oxygen pressure conditions impacted the responses, so doctors may adjust therapy choice based on the PDAC’s oxygen pressure conditions.

Cell Type Purification by Single-Cell Transcriptome-Trained Sorting

This paper presents GateID, a computational method that combines single-cell RNA sequencing with FACS index sorting. It uses only native cellular properties such as cell size, granularity, and mitochondrial content to purify cell types of choice, making a priori knowledge of cell type markers unneeded