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Research & Development

We are driven to innovate

Our team has deep experience with the technology and an insatiable curiosity that keeps our services futureproof by optimizing our methods, assimilating new protocols, and upgrading our infrastructure.

We like challenges

Our R&D unit is eager to work on your non-standard project, whether it is a novel application, a tough tissue, or an uncommon species requiring technological tinkering. We say "yes" to challenges others reject.

We keep you ahead of the curve

We are dedicated to offering clients the most advanced technologies in the single-cell and spatial field to give them an edge against the competition and accelerate their therapeutics towards the clinic.

We consistently evolve

Our R&D team is always working on adaptations to our current services to improve client experience and elevate data quality. Recently, we have introduced automated nuclei isolation, targeted amplification, and fixed RNA profiling.

Why choose SCD?

We are single-cell sequencing experts

We are 100% focused on single-cell and spatial transcriptomics, enabling us to take on both large-scale projects and create customized solutions for each client project.

Single cell sequencing Illumina NovaSeq scientist places samples in the new NovaSeq X machine

Our experience is unmatched in the field

We have been working in the single-cell field since 2012. Our co-founder and CEO Mauro Muraro published our SORT- seq technology, and our R&D consultant is the mind behind VASA-seq. We have experience in over 40 organisms and 30 tissues and are able to quickly adapt workflows for novel samples.

We help you stay ahead of the curve

We are committed to continuously integrating leading-edge technologies into our service offerings to ensure clients have access to the latest advancements. Our R&D department works to both internalize the best commercial platforms and advance our own single-cell innovations.

We work with you as a collaborative partner

We are dedicated to maintaining a high- touch, collaborative relationship with clients as we scale our capacity to accommodate larger projects. We act as a thought partner and a catalyst for biological discovery.

Prof. Dr. Stella Autenrieth & Susanne Pfrommer German cancer research center

"The service of Single Cell Discoveries guarantees a smooth process between customer and company. In case of problems or questions, the scientists reacted competently and immediately, so that answers could be found quickly and flexibly.."

Samuel García Pérez Galicia sur health research Institute

"Fantastic job made by a really professional and friendly team. I strongly recommend Single Cell Discoveries for sequencing services."

Case studies

Snake Venom Gland Organoids

Three PhD students, under the supervision of Prof. Dr Hans Clevers in molecular genetics and snake expert Prof. Dr Freek Vonk, conducted this remarkable research in which they developed snake venom-producing organoids. The organoids were characterized using SORT-seq. Here, we explain how the project was done.

Developmental Biology

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Download our information guide to access an overview of Single Cell Discoveries, explore our single-cell sequencing services, learn how to get started, and gain more valuable insights.