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We are specialists

Our team of experienced scientists has years of experience in conducting single-cell sequencing experiments. We are committed to turning your sample into data of the highest quality in our wet lab. In our single-cell sequencing lab, we don’t just follow protocol, but we pay attention to each sample to turn your project into a success.

What can you expect from our lab?

Irregardless of the technology or platform you choose, you can expect the following:

  • Support with the sample preparation, to make sure your samples arrive safe and sound
  • Continuous updates from our lab team on the status of your samples
  • Stringent Quality Control. We have implemented several QC steps before we send you samples for sequencing
  • Preliminary data analysis and optional bioinformatics services.


We go the extra mile

Are you working with complicated tissue, a difficult research question or something that has never been done before? Contact us! We are always happy to see if we can help to turn your project into a success.

"Impeccable service, fast turnaround, driven scientists, and friendly interactions. Those are the words that come to mind when thinking about the service provided by Single Cell Discoveries. Thanks again for being so responsive and helping us bring our story to completion!"

Hind Medyouf
Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy

Success stories

Learn more about the results from our services - from a client perspective.

Champalimaud Foundation

Colorectal Zebrafish Xenograft Model

Champalimaud Foundation | This research, conducted at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, is focused on the immune response after implantation of human cancer cells in zebrafish. The cells in the implanted tumors were characterized using SORT-seq. Here, we explain how SORT-seq contributed to this remarkable study. Cancer immunoediting is a process in which the immune…

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With different (single-cell) platforms available in our portfolio, there is always a solution that suits your needs. Learn about the technologies we offer and how they can accelerate your research.


Cost-effective, plate-based single-cell transcriptomics platform.

10x Genomics

High-throughput single-cell gene expression or single-cell immune profiling analysis.


Full-length, total RNA single-cell sequencing platform.

bulk RNA sequencing

Don't need single-cells? Try our highly cost-effective bulk RNA seq services.

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