Recent technologies for the analysis of the transcriptome of single cells. At Single Cell Discoveries, we offer a one-stop-shop service for single-cell RNA sequencing. Our method, SORT-seq (Muraro et al. 2016) is a partially robotized version of the CEL-seq2 protocol (Hashimshony et al. 2016). The protocol is plate-based: single cells are sorted into 384-well plates containing barcoded primers, after which the cells are processed and sequenced. 


Single-cell RNA sequencing yields great insight in genome-wide transcriptomics. However, the tissue dissociation that is needed to obtain single cells results in loss of spacial information. Tomo-seq (Juncker et al. 2014) combines genome-wide transcriptomics with spacial information by sequencing micro-dissections of the desired tissue. We use a CEL-seq based approach to perform RNA-sequencing on the slices in a 96-well plate-based system.