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Single nuclei RNA sequencing

Single nuclei RNA sequencing service with our 10x Genomics capabilities

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Unlock the full potential of single nuclei RNA sequencing with 10x Genomics. The microfluidics-based solutions deliver high throughput and accuracy for different research needs. With a range of different service offerings, we have the perfect solution for every application. Below, we have listed the solutions that are compatible with single nuclei RNA sequencing. Every single nuclei project is customized, allowing us to use the best single nuclei isolation protocol for your samples.

Single Cell Gene Expression

The 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression solution provides users with 3’ transcriptome gene expression analysis at single-cell resolution. This enables molecular and cellular characterization of individual cells. This high-throughput single-cell sequencing solution is highly suitable for larger projects that require data for a few thousand cells per sample.

What you can do with our 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression service:
  • Obtain 3’ single-cell transcriptomics data from your tissue of interest;
  • Target between 3,000 and 10,000 cells and choose your amount of reads (30,000 – 80,000) per cell; the most popular option is 50,000 reads per cell.
  • Compatible with single nuclei RNA sequencing
10x Genomics sequencing services performed in the Single Cell Discoveries laboratory

Single Cell Gene Expression Flex

The Single Cell Gene Expression Flex solution enables single-cell transcriptome gene expression profiling of FFPE and fixed tissue. It allows for immediate preservation of samples on-site. This is highly convenient for biopsies and patient-derived xenograft tissue, time-course experiments, sensitive cell types, and cells of lower viability. Available for mouse and human tissue.

What you can do with our 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression Flex service:  
  • Obtain probe-based single-cell transcriptomics data from FFPE and paraformaldehyde-fixed samples. 
  • Aim to target up to 1,024,000 fixed single cells simultaneously with a scalable multiplexing workflow that can be run on your schedule. 
  • Choose your amount of reads per cell for the Single Cell Gene Expression Flex Library: between 10,000 and 40,000 reads per cell. Discuss with our specialists to find your option. 
  • Compatible with single cells or nuclei.

Single Cell ATAC

Single Cell ATAC-seq (scATAC-seq) provides a powerful companion to single-cell RNA profiling for a comprehensive understanding of cellular biology. While scRNA-seq reveals the genes actively transcribed in individual cells, scATAC-seq adds a layer by uncovering the accessibility of regulatory regions, enhancers, and promoters in single cells. This approach allows researchers to directly connect gene expression with chromatin accessibility.

  • Uncover the regulatory scheme of genome-wide gene expression
  • Work with a wide range of samples, the same sample requirements as for 3’ Single Cell Gene Expression and 5’ Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • With as low as 20,000 reads per nucleus, aim to target 3,000-10,000 individual nuclei
  • Combine the data with scRNA-seq to link epigenetic information (chromatin accessibility) with gene expression patterns, offering a deeper understanding of how genes are regulated and function within individual cells.
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We are single-cell
sequencing experts

At Single Cell Discoveries, we are 100% focused on single-cell and spatial transcriptomics. This focus enables us to take on both large-scale projects and create customized solutions for each client project. Our R&D team is actively developing novel single-cell sequencing technologies, multi-omic applications and spatial transcriptomics.

Our experience is unmatched in the field

Our team of PhD-level scientists and bioinformatics experts are at the forefront of single-cell sequencing research. We have been working in the single-cell field since 2012. Our co-founder and CEO Mauro Muraro published our SORT-seq technology, and our R&D consultant is the mind behind VASA-seq. We have experience in over 40 organisms and 30 tissues, and are able to quickly adapt workflows for novel samples.

We help you stay ahead of the curve

At Single Cell Discoveries, we are committed to continuously integrate leading-edge technologies into our service offerings to ensure clients have access to the latest advancements in single-cell genomics. Our R&D department works to both internalize the best commercial platforms and advance our own single-cell innovations to provide you with the highest quality results.

We work with you as a collaborative partner

Our team will work closely with you, providing guidance and support throughout your research journey. We are dedicated to maintaining a high-touch, collaborative relationship with clients as we scale our capacity to accommodate larger projects. By acting as your thought partner, we delve deep into the intricacies of your research and offer valuable single-cell insights.

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Download our information guide to access an overview of Single Cell Discoveries, explore our 10x Genomics single nuclei RNA sequencing services, learn how to get started, and gain more valuable insights.