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single cell sequencing

With different single-cell sequencing platforms available, there is always a solution that suits your needs. Learn about the single-cell sequencing technologies we offer and how they can accelerate your research.

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Observe cellular

Obtain a single-cell resolution

Single-cell sequencing is a powerful technology enabling researchers to examine individual cells rather than groups of cells. It gives researchers the resolution to obtain genomic, transcriptomic, epigenetic, or proteomic information at a single-cell level.

Map transcriptomic differences between cells

With single-cell transcriptomics, also known as single-cell RNA sequencing, the focus is on identifying single-cell gene expression differences to study cell types and states in a context-specific manner, thereby revealing among other things tissue- specific cellular heterogeneity, novel therpateutic biomarkers and targets, and characterize complex cellular responses to treatment and intervention.

Recognize cellular heterogeneity

Current single-cell sequencing research continues to demonstrate that no two cells are exactly the same. The appreciation of cellular heterogeneity is improving our understanding of complex diseases and empowering the development of new drugs.

Benefit directly from our expertise

Just as with cells, no two research questions are exactly the same. Different research goals, project scopes, tissue types, and cell numbers require different approaches and technologies. This calls for selecting from a diverse single-cell toolkit. Our services overview and buying guide are tools to aid your selection, and our experts are the best resource to leverage in making your decision. Schedule a call today to access their unparalleled experience in single-cell technologies.

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Why choose SCD?

We are single-cell sequencing experts

We are 100% focused on single-cell and spatial transcriptomics, enabling us to take on both large-scale projects and create customized solutions for each client project.

Our experience is unmatched in the field

We have been working in the single-cell field since 2012. Our co-founder and CEO Mauro Muraro published our SORT- seq technology, and our R&D consultant is the mind behind VASA-seq. We have experience in over 40 organisms and 30 tissues and are able to quickly adapt workflows for novel samples.

We help you stay ahead of the curve

We are committed to continuously integrating leading-edge technologies into our service offerings to ensure clients have access to the latest advancements. Our R&D department works to both internalize the best commercial platforms and advance our own single-cell innovations.

We work with you as a collaborative partner

We are dedicated to maintaining a high- touch, collaborative relationship with clients as we scale our capacity to accommodate larger projects. We act as a thought partner and a catalyst for biological discovery.

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Our ultimate guide is a crash-course in single-cell sequencing and will get you up to speed with how it was developed and how you can use it to level up your research.


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The Ultimate Guide to single-cell RNA sequencing

Our ultimate guide is a crash course in single-cell RNA sequencing. Download the ultimate guide to discover: how single-cell sequencing was developed, the basic principles of single-cell RNA sequencing works, how to design your project, and much more.