Immune profiling

Characterize immune cells with immune profiling.

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Analyze the immune system

With billions of cells, the human immune system is very complex. Single-cell sequencing helps to identify immune cells present in your sample with immune profiling.

Determine receptor sequences

Immune profiling determines the sequences of the full spectrum of  B-cell and T-cell receptors. It can be used to determine biomarkers, for example in peripheral blood or tumor tissue. One of the great benefits of single-cell sequencing for immune profiling is that there is no previous knowledge of potential targets required.

Identify potential cancer therapies

Immune profiling is not limited to the field of immunology but can be used in all fields where immune cells play a role. One of those fields is oncology. Immune cells are present in the tumor microenvironment, and immune therapies against all sorts of cancers are arising. These immune therapies are based on the molecular identification of immune cells present and tumor antigens. Use immune profiling to identify the immune cells present in your tumor, and possibly find use in the clinic based on your findings

And many more…

Immune profiling can be used on all kinds of tissues when you are interested in the immune cell population present.

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