Immune profiling

Use high-throughput sequencing to profile immune repertoires

Use single-cell sequencing to characterize the immune repertoire, investigate the cellular response to pathogens, and pin down autoimmunity mechanisms with immune profiling.

Single-cell immune profiling

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The human immune system is an intricate network of billions of distinct cells. Utilizing the high-throughput 10x Genomics Single Cell Immune Profiling assay, we can identify the innate and adaptive immune cells by gene and cell-surface protein expression, full-length V(D)J-sequences for B cell and T cell receptor repertoires, and antigen specificity.

Discover antibody and cell immuno-oncogenic therapies

With the success of immune-based therapies against various cancers, it has become increasingly important to identify immune cells infiltrating the tumor microenvironment and their associated antigens.

By identifying B cells producing antibodies with high specificity and affinity for tumor antigens, you can accelerate the development of recombinant therapeutic antibodies.

Identifying TCR sequences that recognize tumor-specific antigens and neoantigens can help design chimeric antigen receptors that target the same antigens; these CARs can be transduced into T cells to generate tumor-targeted CAR-T cell therapies.

Single Cell Immune Profiling specifics

Map B and T cell clonality

You can identify the full spectrum of B-cell and T-cell receptors present in a sample with single-cell immune profiling. Its unbiased nature enables in-depth study without prior knowledge. By integrating immune repertoire information with cell-type identity as measured by the single-cell transcriptome, you can gain important insights into B and T cell clonality and the immune response to certain pathogens and therapeutics.


Stratify responders and non-responders

Chemotherapy response is known to vary by patient and patient-specific variations in the tumor microenvironment play a role in cancer evolution. Single Cell Immune Profiling can aid in the stratification of response in clinical trials, thereby improving therapeutic strategy success and patient survival.

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