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Single-cell RNA sequencing has revolutionized research in several biological research areas, including oncology, immunology, developmental biology, and neuroscience. Analyzing the gene expression profiles of single cells can provide invaluable insight into the cellular diversity, function, and interactions that drive complex biological processes with the ultimate aim of developing better therapeutics.

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Research areas for single-cell sequencing at the Single Cell Discoveries lab
Research areas


Revolutionize cancer research and discover new treatments by measuring the heterogeneity of the tumor microenvironment and probing the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development and disease progression.


Unlock new insights into the mechanisms underlying immune system function, response to stimuli, and involvement in immuno-oncology treatments.

Developmental Biology

Unravel developmental processes to discover molecular mechanisms behind development, genetic diseases, and regeneration.


Gain insight into the complexity of the nervous system to better understand the molecular mechanisms of brain function and neurological disorders

Working in another research area?

Single-cell sequencing can be applied in many other research areas: think cardiology, marine biology, toxicology, plant biology, etc. Please contact us if you work in an area that's not listed above. We have experience with a lot of out-of-the-box projects, and we like a challenge.

Case studies

Pioneering 10x Flex on OCT-Embedded Patient Brain Tissue

10x Genomics opened the gates for single-cell sequencing on non-fresh, non-thawed tissue with their Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Flex (10x Flex) kit. Now, we have been successful in performing…

RNA Flex

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