Research Areas

Learn more about the different research areas where single-cell sequencing can be applied.

Research Areas

Single-cell sequencing is used in many different areas of research. Whether your focus is Immunology, Oncology, Neuroscience or any problem in need of a single-cell solution: we can help. Find out how you can apply single-cell sequencing in your research area.


Assess tumor heterogeneity. Gain insight into mechanisms driving metastasis or therapy resistance.

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Characterize immune cell types. Identify antigen specificity. Discover molecular drivers.

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Developmental Biology

Unravel developmental processes. Discover molecular mechanisms behind development, congenital disease, or regeneration.

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Gain insight into the complexity of the nervous system. Identify the molecular mechanisms of neural function, disease, and injury.

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Other research area?

Is your research area not listed above? Don't worry! Single-cell sequencing can be applied in many other areas: think about cardiology, marine biology, toxicology, plant biology, etc.

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