About us

Making single-cell sequencing accessible for everyone

Single Cell Discoveries provides complete single-cell sequencing services. We help you get the best out of your single-cell experiments by offering everything you need for a successful project - planning, experiments, and data analysis - under one roof.

Founded in 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, SCD has serviced 145 researchers from more than 60 institutes and companies across 10 countries. As well as making single-cell sequencing accessible to a wide research community, we are committed to continuous development and offering the very latest single-cell sequencing technologies.

Some key statistics

  • Founded in 2018
  • Team of 9
  • 135 customers
  • More than 60 institutes and companies served
  • Customers across 10 countries
  • 1,145,182 single cells sequenced
  • 1.68 trillion reads sequenced
  • 4 different services available

About the founders

Judith Vivié and Mauro Muraro founded Single Cell Discoveries after working together in the Alexander van Oudenaarden lab at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They worked on some of the earliest single-cell sequencing technologies, back when every single cell had to be handled manually.

During his PhD, Mauro devised the SORT-seq technique to automate this process, which was published on Cell Systems in 2016. As demand rapidly grew for single-cell sequencing, the Hubrecht Institute Single Cell Core Facility was established, with Judith as its general manager. The core facility, one of the first in the world, quickly grew to service customers from many different research groups both inside and outside the Hubrecht Institute.

When Judith and Mauro realized that there was an urgent need for expert services in the single-cell sequencing field, they decided to team up to start Single Cell Discoveries. Since the very beginning, their goal has been the same: to make single-cell sequencing available to everyone.


To provide high-quality, state-of-the-art single-cell sequencing methods and expertise. To contribute to ground-breaking research. To develop and implement single-cell technologies fit for use in clinical settings.


We believe that current and future single-cell technologies should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our team

Meet our team of talented and experienced scientists

and get to know their inner nerd  

Mauro Muraro

Co-founder & CEO

Mauro is responsible for steering SCD in the right direction, setting up scientific collaborations and to keep pushing single-cell sequencing technology to new heights. He loves using technology to solve complex biological questions. Before founding SCD, Mauro finished his PhD at the Hubrecht Institute (van Oudenaarden lab), where he developed the SORT-seq platform for single-cell sequencing. His inner nerd is triggered by all things quantitative, and he knows many obscure Greek Mythology stories.

Judith Vivié

Co-founder and COO

As COO, Judith is responsible for many things: from running client experiments in the lab to handling the financial administration of the company. Prior to starting Single Cell Discoveries, she worked as a manager at the core facility for single-cell sequencing in the Hubrecht Institute. Judith has an MSc degree in Cancer, Stem Cells & Development from Utrecht University. She is an aficionado for lab robots and gets her inner nerd excited by sharing her love for automation with others.

Bastiaan Bijl

Head of Business Development

Bastiaan is responsible for Marketing, Sales, and Business Development at Single Cell Discoveries. He loves to talk to (potential) customers and discuss their scientific projects to figure out how we can help. Bastiaan has a knack for automation and tries to automate his day-to-day tasks as much as possible. With an MSc in Science & Business Management and a background in consulting, his inner nerd is triggered by Excel spreadsheets.

Lotte Koopman

Head of Laboratory Operations

Lotte is highly meticulous and loves a perfectly organized lab, making her our ideal lab manager. She manages the daily operations of the laboratory and oversees the processing of customer samples, lab safety, and QC. Before joining SCD, she completed her Ph.D. at the UMC Utrecht and the Hubrecht Institute, where she gained extensive experience with genetics and with project management. In her free time, Lotte enjoys traveling and photography, and she is currently improving her programming skills with R and Python.

Anna Alemany

Chief Data Scientist

Anna is responsible for all things data at Single Cell Discoveries. She will lead the Data Science department to new heights by improving data analysis pipelines and building new ones. Next to her work at SCD, she is a PostDoc at the Hubrecht Institute (Van Oudenaarder group), where she works on the development of genetic lineage tracing tools. Anna avoids using her mouse as much as possible by memorizing keyboard shortcuts, and: "whenever I can \LaTeX, I won't Word".

Anneleen Bobeldijk

Lab Technician

Anneleen works as a lab technician at Single Cell Discoveries and is responsible for running experiments, sample shipments, and lab maintenance. Before joining SCD, she completed her BSc in Life Sciences from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. She did internships in Israel at the Sheba Medical Center and at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. After joining SCD and working with the robots, she became interested in programming and is currently developing her inner nerd by becoming a Python genius.

Hannah Oevermans

Marketing Specialist

Hannah focuses on digital marketing at Single Cell Discoveries, as well as on finishing her Master Thesis on branding. She has a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences and is almost done with her Master's in Science & Business Management, both at Utrecht University. Before she joined SCD, she completed a research internship on acute infant leukemia at the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. She is currently learning how to play chess.

Nathalie Groen

Data Scientist

Nathalie helps our customers get the most out of their data as a part-time data scientist. Next to that, she is a PostDoc at the Hubrecht Institute, where she works on building a cell atlas on the human pancreas. Being a biomedical engineer, she obtained her Ph.D. in computational biology at the University of Twente. She first started working with single-cell data as a PostDoc when studying β-cell biology in the context of diabetes. At home, she is using Raspberry Pi's to smarten things up.

Doreth Fransen

R&D Intern

Doreth works as an R&D intern on improving the SORT-seq single-cell sequencing platform. Currently, she also focuses on learning how to analyze single-cell data with the R programming language. Prior to joining Single Cell Discoveries, she completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Biotechnology (with a major in Forensic Sciences) at Van Hall Larenstein. She will soon graduate from her master’s in Biology of Disease at Utrecht University and is working on her inner nerd by becoming a master in R programming.

Stijn Emmelot

Marketing Intern

Stijn focuses on exploring the state of the market of single-cell sequencing as part of his internship. He’ll learn how to rapidly extract information from various databases and how to efficiently report this back to the team. Stijn completed a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences in Amsterdam and wrote his Master Thesis on organoid infection models at the Medical Microbiology department of the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Privately, he explores the world through reading and music, and his inner nerd comes out when playing strategy games.

Advisory board


Advisory board member

Prof. Dr. Ir. Alexander van Oudenaarden gained his PhD in physics in 1998 from Delft University, the Netherlands.

After a postdoc at Stanford, he moved to MIT in Cambridge, MA in 2000 and became Professor of Physics in 2008, as well as Professor of Biology in 2009.

In 2012 he moved back to the Netherlands to become director of the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research and professor of quantitative biology of gene regulation at the University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University.

He has been a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2014.


Advisory board member

Prof. Dr. Ir. John Groten is the managing director of PamGene and a visiting professor at Wageningen University.

He is an experienced business leader with over 30 years of management experience in life science research companies.

After gaining his PhD at Wageningen University in 1992, he started his career at TNO before joining various other life science companies and contract research organizations.

He describes himself as "Change manager to enhance quality, creativity, and business insight in organizations", which sums up the expertise that he brings to Single Cell Discoveries.



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