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Get a high-resolution view of your mechanism of action. To supercharge drug development, we support biomarker discovery, mechanism of action analysis, efficacy, and off-target effect studies with the highest-quality single-cell data.

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Ultraprecision along the drug development pipeline

Discover new targets

By capturing gene expression profiles at the individual cell level, single-cell sequencing uncovers previously hidden molecular mechanisms and cell subpopulations, providing invaluable insights to guide the development of targeted therapies.

Find novel biomarkers

By providing a high-resolution view of cellular diversity and gene expression dynamics, single-cell sequencing enables the detection of novel biomarkers, contributing to a more accurate and effective drug development process.

Optimize efficacy 

Understanding how your therapeutic is internalized within tissue and affects different cell subpopulations is key to understanding potency and resistant cell types.

Maximize insights from complex models 

By taking a high-resolution view of disease states and cellular responses to therapeutics, you can make the most of your precious samples. We have experience in organoid and organ-on-a-chip as well as canonical models of mouse, rat, guinea pig, dog, frog, crab-eating macaque, chicken, and many more.

Catch off-target effects

Studying therapeutic response at the single-cell level will ensure you capture off-target effects before testing it in the clinic.

Understand tissue tropism 

Single-cell sequencing can provide insight into how viral vectors interact preferentially with different cell populations to express the desired cargo.


We currently offer single-cell and bulk transcriptomics. Our R&D team is actively testing new single-cell multi-omic technologies and spatial modalities to offer additional insight into our clients’ biological questions.


Single-cell transcriptomics method utilizing 384-well plates, ideal for low cell counts, FACS sorted populations, and pilot projects. Developed by our founder, exclusively offered by us.

10x Genomics

Certified Service Provider of the 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression and Single Cell Immune Profiling solutions, ideal for high-throughput applications


Single-cell RNA sequencing method for full-length and total RNA, ideal for analyzing non-coding RNA and complete transcriptomes. Developed by one of our team members, exclusively offered by us.

bulk RNA sequencing

Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of pooled cell populations, ideal for limited starting material and large projects requiring cell population data.

Visium spatial gene expression

Transcriptomics method for analysis of spatial gene expression and histology, ideal for the study of cell localization and cell-cell interactions.


Connect with our PhD-level scientists to discuss your biological question, timeline, sample types, and other customizations for your single-cell analysis.

Case studies

Find out how others applied single-cell to drug development.

Université de Strasbourg and INSERM

Drug Discovery for Precancerous Liver Disease

Université de Strasbourg and INSERM | Single Cell Discoveries supports scientists all over the world in drug development by helping them investigate the therapeutic mechanism of action at the single-cell level. Here’s the story of how SORT-seq helped advance a novel drug candidate for liver cancer into clinical trials.

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Connect with our PhD-level scientists to discuss your biological question, timeline, sample types, and other customizations for your single-cell analysis.

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