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Sequencing service performed on the NovaSeq X Plus at Single Cell Discoveries

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Access state-of-the-art sequencing at our in-house sequencing facility. We offer sequencing services with unmatched turnaround times on our high-throughput Illumina NovaSeq X Plus and NextSeq 2000 sequencers.

In addition, clients with 10x Genomics single-cell transcriptome libraries get support from experienced 10x Genomics scientists, NGS specialists, and data analysts to achieve optimal single-cell results.

Our sequencers


Single cell sequencing Illumina NovaSeq scientist places samples in the new NovaSeq X machine

Features of our sequencing service

For all sequencing libraries

Access our sequencing facility with any Illumina sequencing library. Our account executives and sequencing expert will discuss with you your needs and details of your project.

In addition, we are specifically attuned to your 10x Genomics sequencing libraries.

Quickly delivered

With our sequencing facility designed for the highest throughput, we can offer turnaround times of 1–2 weeks for sequencing runs on full NextSeq 2000 or NovaSeq X Plus flow cells (up to 8 libraries).

Our NovaSeq X Plus flow cell options include high-throughput applications:

  • 1.5B = ~30 transcriptomes per flow cell
  • 10B = ~200 transcriptomes per flow cell
  • 25B = ~500 transcriptomes per flow cell

Get support from experts

Users delivering 10x Genomics transcriptome libraries receive exploratory data analysis services from our specialized bioinform-
aticians included in their service. They also access quality control and 10x Genomics support from our experienced single-cell scientists.

Learn more about our data analysis and 10x Genomics sequencing data deliverables below.

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Get the Sequencing Information Guide

Download our information guide to access an overview of Single Cell Discoveries, explore our sequencing service, learn how to get started, and gain more valuable insights.


Illumina NovaSeq X Plus

The NovaSeq X is the fastest, most powerful, most sustainable high-throughput sequencer provided by Illumina. It can generate more than 20,000 whole genomes per year.


Illumina NextSeq 2000

The NextSeq 2000 accesses a wide range of throughputs with P1, P2, and P3 flow cells for more sequencing per sample, more extensive studies, and more flexibility.

Unai Escribano Vazquez Team Lead Next-Generation Sequencing

"With the sequencers we have running and the diverse expertise always at hand, we can make every sequencing run work."

Sequencing service workflow
Step 1 - Consultation with our clients
Step 1


Every project starts with a consultation because no two projects are the same. Our experienced PhD-level team discusses your sequencing needs, sample type, planning, data analysis options, and other wishes.

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Single cell sequencing Illumina NovaSeq scientist places samples in the new NovaSeq X machine
Step 2

Processing in Our Lab

Our experienced team performs the sequencing protocol in our facility. We sequence the libraries on our Illumina NovaSeq X Plus or NextSeq 2000. We’ll do multiple QC checks and keep you informed of the status of your project.

Step 4 - Analysis of sequencing data
Step 3

Data Analysis

Clients with 10x Genomics transcriptome libraries access our custom data analysis pipeline and receive an exploratory data report included in the service. In addition, our data consulting team is ready to assist yo with further guidance or tailored analysis projects such as pseudotime and gene set enrichment analysis.

Our data analysis


As with all of our services, we provide ongoing support from our sequencing specialists. Projects other than 10x Genomics transcriptomics receive raw FASTQ files.
For each sequencing-only project of 10x Genomics transcriptomics libraries, we provide the following.


View data report

  • Regular updates during sample processing, including QC
  • Raw sequencing data (FASTQ files)
  • Raw and filtered gene count tables
  • An interactive exploratory data analysis report including QC, clustering, and differential gene expression analysis
  • A Seurat object to do your own analysis with the Seurat pipeline
  • An explanation from our data team about data quality metrics
  • A cloupe object for easy visualization with the 10x Genomics Loupe Browser
  • All raw sequencing data, results, and reports are processed on EU servers and securely encrypted using an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm with a 256-bit key before being delivered to the customers and archived.

Why choose our sequencing service?

Our experience is unmatched in the field

Our team of PhD-level scientists and bioinformatics experts are at the forefront of single-cell sequencing research. We have been working in the single-cell field since 2012. Our co-founder and CEO Mauro Muraro published our SORT-seq technology, and our R&D consultant is the mind behind VASA-seq. We have experience in over 40 organisms and 30 tissues, and are able to quickly adapt our sequencing service for novel samples.

We are one of the fastest CROs

At our purpose-built single-cell sequencing lab, we have established a large in-house sequencing facilit. Our current capacity allows us to have super quick turn around times for sequencing projects: only 1-2 weeks. This is currently unmatched by other sequencing service providers. Contact us if you are striving to speed up your sequencing projects.

We work with you as a collaborative partner

Our team will work closely with you, providing guidance and support throughout your research journey. We are dedicated to maintaining a high-touch, collaborative relationship with clients as we scale our capacity to accommodate larger projects. By acting as your thought partner, we delve deep into the intricacies of your research and offer valuable single-cell insights.

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