Every cell is different, just as every project is different. We help you fuel your biological breakthroughs by tackling your single-cell RNA sequencing challenges with you. Tailor-made to your project. From cells to data. From start to finish.

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With different (single-cell) platforms available in our portfolio, there is always a solution that suits your needs. Learn about the technologies we offer and how they can accelerate your research.


Cost-effective, plate-based single-cell transcriptomics platform.

10x Genomics

High-throughput single-cell gene expression or single-cell immune profiling analysis.


Full-length, total RNA single-cell sequencing platform.

bulk RNA sequencing

Don't need single-cells? Try our highly cost-effective bulk RNA seq services.

Visium Spatial Gene Expression

Add tissue context to your transcriptome data

How we work

Science is not a fixed process. We get that. As you go along, plans change and hypotheses along with them. As your trusted partner, we help you with every step in the process, from project design to data analysis and beyond. And when you've completed your project, we'll help you plan the next step.


We'll help you design your first single-cell sequencing project and make sure it matches your biological question and fits your budget. With multiple options and technologies available, we'll always find a match for your project.



Send us your samples and we’ll take care of the rest. We'll process your sample and generate ready-to-analyze data, while applying all the necessary QC steps throughout to ensure optimal quality of the outcome.


To help you hit the ground running, we include a preliminary clustering and differential gene expression analysis with all our services. If you need dedicated data analysis support, we’ll send in the bioinformatics cavalry.

Research areas

Single-cell sequencing is used in many different areas of research. Whether your focus is Immunology, Oncology, Neuroscience or any problem in need of a single-cell solution: we can help.


Assess tumor heterogeneity. Gain insight into mechanisms driving metastasis or therapy resistance.

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Characterize immune cell types. Identify antigen specificity. Discover molecular drivers.

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Developmental biology

Unravel developmental processes. Discover molecular mechanisms behind development, congenital disease, or regeneration.

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Gain insight into the complexity of the nervous system. Identify molecular mechanisms of neural function, disease and injury.

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Our Services

As single-cell sequencing specialists, we help you with every step in the process. Whether you want to start with a small pilot project or just need routine high-throughput services, we can help. Learn more about our different services.

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Succes stories

Learn more about the results from our services - from a client perspective.

Champalimaud Foundation

Colorectal Zebrafish Xenograft Model

Champalimaud Foundation This research, conducted at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, is focused on the immune response after implantation of human cancer cells in zebrafish. The cells in the implanted tumors were characterized using SORT-seq. Here, we explain how SORT-seq contributed to this remarkable study. Continue reading Cancer immunoediting is a process where the immune…

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Our latest news, updates and other important happenings.

Jenine, welcome to the team!

We are happy to announce that Jenine Kruger has joined the team as a Management Executive! At Single Cell Discoveries, she will be responsible for assisting our CEO, COO, and the heads of the departments: Mauro Muraro, Judith Vivié, Bastiaan Bijl, Lotte Koopman, Andrei Prodan, and Dylan Mooijman. She is originally from South Africa where…

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Darina, welcome to the team!

We are happy to announce that Darina has joined the team as a Scientist in R&D department, where she will work on improving the currently offered methods as well as broadening our portfolio by developing new ones. She is originally from Slovakia, where she also obtained her BSc at Comenius University in Bratislava after which…

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Manon, welcome to the team!

We are happy to announce that Manon Messchendorp has joined the team as a lab technician! At Single Cell Discoveries, Manon will be responsible for sample processing, sample shipments, and lab maintenance. She obtained her BSc and MSc in Biology at the University of Leiden. During her Bachelor’s internship, she tested the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative…

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