Empar, welcome to the team!

Empar Baltasar Pérez

Empar Baltasar Pérez joined Single Cell Discoveries first as a data intern, then as a junior data scientist.

As junior data scientists of the data consultancy team, she performs custom data analysis projects for clients.

During her internship at Single Cell Discoveries, she focused on setting up a pipeline to analyze spatial transcriptomics Visium data, a technique in which the transcriptome of cells is determined and mapped to the location of origin in the tissue. She also explored different methods to integrate Visium data with scRNA-seq to achieve better resolution.

Empar Baltasar Pérez studied a BSc in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at University of Valencia. After many experiences in wet labs, she decided to take a new challenge and pursue a MSc in Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity at Utrecht University, of which this internship is a part.

In a previous internship at Princes Máxima Centrum, she tested different computational methods to integrate single-cell resolution 3D imaging data with scRNA-seq in order to study intercellular communication within a spatial context. She says she then discovered the beauty in spatial single-cell data and the power of multi-omics, and became determined to follow that road and do a next internship here at SCD working with Visium data.