Nataša Josipović, welcome to the team!

Natasa Josipovic

Nataša Josipović, PhD, has joined the team as a senior lab technician. She is responsible for all 10x Genomics-related experiments and sample processing: 3′ Single Cell Gene Expression, 5′ Immune Profiling, RNA Flex, and, together with the team, Single Cell ATAC and 10x Multiome.

Nataša originally comes from Belgrade, Serbia, where she did her BSc studies in Molecular Biology and an MSc in Neurobiology. During her master’s, she studied the role of CD73 in the progression of Multiple Sclerosis in rat models.

After her master’s, she moved to Germany to obtain a PhD at the International Max Planck Research School for Genome Science. During her PhD, Nataša Josipović studied the regulatory mechanisms governing the cell’s transcription program. She explored the forces governing the folding of human chromatin in 3D space. In addition, she studied the regulatory roles of circular RNAs. Because of the duality of her research, she has worked in both dry and wet labs and learned how to do single-cell experiments and analyze NGS data.

In her spare time, Nataša enjoys learning how to play the piano and watching series or movies. She also likes to perform physical activities such as going to the gym or doing team sports.

We are happy to welcome Nataša Josipović to the team!