Sabine, welcome to the team!

Sabine Tanis

We would like to welcome Sabine Tanis to our team as Team Lead Method Development. Sabine is responsible for enhancing current protocols, developing new methods and supporting demanding customer requests.

Sabine’s background includes valuable experience in studying transcriptional regulation in both industry and academia. While pursuing her master’s degree, she worked for GlaxoSmithKline, where she refined and optimized a cellular assay for compound screening. She later earned a PhD from Radboud University, where she researched the gene expression programs that control epidermal differentiation. In her doctoral work, Sabine conducted large-scale siRNA knockdown screens on differentiating keratinocytes, which revealed intriguing functional links between epigenetic- and splicing factors.

Following her PhD, Sabine continued her exploration of keratinocyte biology, transitioning into the single-cell field. To study connections between signalling pathway activity and transcriptional activation, she worked on the further development of multi-modal single-cell sequencing methods, adapting the plate-based RAID technique towards more high-throughput microfluidics-based methods.

In her free time, Sabine enjoys cycling, hiking, and indulging her inner nerd with a good fantasy book.

We are thrilled to have Sabine as part of our team!