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Learn what to expect from our single-cell preliminary data analysis

We include a preliminary data analysis report in all our services. Here, we explain how they work, what to expect from single-cell experiments, and our services. Single-cell RNA sequencing returns data in quantities and complexities that can seem daunting for the average scientist. FASTQ files, BAM files, and gene count tables are the basis for…

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Unai, welcome to the team!

We are thrilled to welcome Unai Escribano Vazquez to our team as our new Team Lead next-generation sequencing (NGS). In this role, Unai will be responsible for coordinating the NGS team, managing the new sequencing facilities and collaborating with the R&D team to widen our sequencing applications. With a PhD in intestinal physiopathology and a…

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Fixed RNA profiling of single cells: benefits and limitations

The 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression Flex kit for fixed RNA profiling expands sample access to include fresh, formaldehyde-fixed, and FFPE tissues for single-cell or single-nucleus RNA sequencing. How does it work? What are its capabilities, and what are its limitations? As a scientist or pharmaceutical researcher, you constantly seek new technologies and methods…

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