How to get started

Step 1: Plan a free consultation

A single-cell sequencing project is not your average molecular biology project.

Because of the high price, you’ll need to carefully consider the design of your experiment to make sure you get the most out of your samples and budget.

That’s where we can help: during a free consultation, we discuss your project in detail to make sure we provide you with the best possible advice on how to set up your project.

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Step 2: Request a Quotation

Satisfied with the plan you made during the consultation?

We’ll send you a formal offer in the form of a quotation. In this document, we describe exactly what we will do for you, what the deliverables are, and how much we will charge you for the service.

If you agree with our offer, you sign it electronically and download the signed document as a pdf.

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Step 3: Arrange a purchase order

With the signed quotation, go to the purchasing department of your institute or company to arrange a Purchase Order (PO).

A Purchase Order is a formal order from your institute for our products or services. By issuing a PO, the financial department from your institute knows about our agreement and will be able to pay the bill when we are done.

Without a PO, we will not be able to send the invoice for the project, because the financial department will have no knowledge of the agreements we made on the project.

Once you have the PO, please send the document to and to your account manager, so we can process it in our administration.

Step 4: Register as a client (new clients only)

If you have never done a project with us before, we’ll ask you to complete our one-time “new client registration form”.

In this form, we request some basic information that will enable us to handle the paperwork smoothly.

After completing the form, we’ll send you a personal customer code within one working day. You need your customer code every time you submit samples or order plates.


Step 5: Send us your samples

Send us your samples, or order your cell capture plates, by submitting the form on our website.

This ensures that the plate order or project details are properly inserted in our sample tracking system and that our colleagues from the lab know about it.

When you submit your samples, we require you to enter your quotation number and the corresponding PO- or budget number. Without this information, we will be unable to start the processing of your samples.

Don’t forget to check out our shipping information before sending your package.

Step 6: Sit back and relax

While we process your samples, sit back, relax, and grab a coffee while you wait for your data to arrive.

Step 7: Pay the bill

Once we have sent you the data for your project, we’ll issue an invoice (or bill) for the project.

Please make sure to arrange a timely payment of the invoice so we can purchase the reagents for your next single-cell sequencing project.

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