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Welcome to Single Cell Discoveries, the premier provider of single-cell RNA sequencing services in Italy. Our cutting-edge technology and expert team of scientists allow us to deliver unparalleled insights into the inner workings of cells and their interactions within complex biological systems.

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Single-Cell Sequencing in Developmental Biology

Single-Cell Sequencing
Service Provider in Italy

At Single Cell Discoveries, we are passionate about advancing the field of single-cell RNA sequencing and helping our clients unlock the full potential of this powerful technology. We look forward to working with you to uncover the secrets of the cell.

We offer an assortment of options

With our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, we are able to provide unparalleled precision and sensitivity in our sequencing services. Because we offer a variety of single-cell technologies and optional extensions, we increase your chances of finding the tool that best fits your research question.

Our experience is unmatched in the field

Our team of highly trained scientists and technicians is dedicated to providing the highest quality data and support to our clients. Whether you are a researcher in academia, a biotech company, or a pharmaceutical company, we are committed to working closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide tailored solutions.

Shipping from Italy

Conveniently ship your samples from Italy to Single Cell Discoveries via BRT Bartolini, FedEx or another courier. For SORT-seq or VASA-seq, you can swiftly order the necessary cell-capture plates online and have them delivered to your porta.

If you are located in Italy and are looking for the most advanced single-cell RNA sequencing services available, look no further than Single Cell Discoveries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your research goals.

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Our services

We offer single-cell, spatial and bulk transcriptomics.

Our R&D team is actively developing novel single-cell sequencing technologies,
multi-omic applications and spatial transcriptomics.

Single-cell sequencing
Scientist performing SORT-seq

Single-cell transcriptomics method utilizing 384-well plates, ideal for low cell counts, FACS sorted populations, and pilot projects. Developed by our founder, exclusively offered by us.

Scientist performing 10x Genomics
10x Genomics

Certified Service Provider of the 10x Genomics Single Cell Gene Expression and Single Cell Immune Profiling solutions, ideal for high- throughput applications.

Scientist performing VASA-seq

Single-cell RNA sequencing method for full- length and total RNA, ideal for analyzing non- coding RNA and complete transcriptomes. Developed by one of our team members, exclusively offered by us.

Spatial transciptomics
10x Genomics Visium Spatial Gene Expression
Spatial Transriptomics

Transcriptomics method for analysis of spatial gene expression and histology, ideal for the study of cell localization and cell-cell interactions.

Pooled cells
Bulk RNA Sequencing

Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of pooled cell populations, ideal for limited starting material and large projects requiring cell population data.

Dr. Bram Slütter Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

“It’s the expertise that Single Cell Discoveries has in single-cell and T cell receptor sequencing, even though you are flexible, that makes it preferential for us to work with an industry partner like you.”

Dr. Samuel García Pérez Galicia Sur Health Research Institute

"Fantastic job made by a really professional and friendly team. I strongly recommend Single Cell Discoveries for sequencing services."

Dr. Vanessa LaPointe MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine

“What we appreciate most is the nature of the collaboration. With Single Cell Discoveries, we could discuss the design of our 10x Genomics experiments, which analyses to do, and how to solve our challenges.”

The premier single-cell CRO

Accelerate your research with our tailored single-cell sequencing solutions

Located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, our purpose-built single-cell sequencing lab is operated by a team of PhD-level scientists, some of whom have pioneered the single-cell platforms we employ to deliver exceptional service. At Single Cell Discoveries, we are dedicated to crafting customized solutions for your unique challenges, ensuring rapid turnaround times, and unlocking high-impact biological insights. We eat, sleep, and breathe single-cell biology so you can focus on advancing your discovery program.

Accelerate your research with our tailored single-cell RNA sequencing solutions
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How we supercharge
your research

Project Design

  • Strategize with our PhD-level account executives to decide between multiple single-cell technologies, including two exclusively offered by us.
  • Leverage our experience with 200+ clients over 1000+ unique projects.

Sample Processing

  • Run in our purpose-built single-cell lab with Illumina Novaseq X.
  • Benefit from our experience with 8500+ samples sequenced in 40+ organisms and 30+ tissue types with over 10M single cells sequenced.

Data Analysis

  • Gain quick insights into your single-cell data with our preliminary analysis report with QC, clustering, and differential gene expression.
  • Uncover biological insights through custom data analysis with our bioinformaticians who have processed over 50 terabytes of single-cell data.
Person having online consultation
Step 1


Every project starts with one or more free consultations because no two single-cell projects are the same. Our experienced PhD-level team discusses your biological question, sample type, planning, data analysis options, and other wishes. This will ensure you select the best method for your project and can hit the ground running.

Person working in hood and second person working with PCR machine
Step 2

Sample Preparation

For 10x Genomics, create a single-cell suspension from your sample and either cryopreserve or methanol-fix the cells. For SORT-seq, FACS-sort the single cells into the wells of our cell capture plates. Then, send your samples to our lab on dry ice. In the case of nuclei, the sample preparation depends on the project. 

Person loading Illumina NextSeq2000
Step 3

Processing in Our Lab

Our experienced team performs the 10x Genomics protocol in our lab. We sequence the libraries on our Illumina NovaSeq X Plus or NextSeq 2000. We'll do multiple QC checks and keep you informed of the status of your project.

Exploring data analysis
Step 4

Data Analysis

Our data team performs preliminary data analysis using a Seurat pipeline, checks the data quality and discusses irregularities with our lab team if necessary. You will receive the raw data files, data report, and guiding explanations. Talk to our data consulting team for help or request additional assessments such as pseudotime and gene set enrichment analysis.

Which single-cell sequencing technology should I choose for my project?

That depends on your biological question, sample type, and budget. Feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our experts to discuss your project in more detail. We'll make sure to advise you on the best platform for your project.

Information Guide

Discover our single-cell sequencing solutions

Download our information guide to access an overview of Single Cell Discoveries, explore our single-cell sequencing services, learn how to get started, and gain more valuable insights.