New VASA-seq protocol will be launched in June

SORT-seq and VASA-seq cell capture plates move through a pipetting robot

This blog about our new VASA-seq protocol has been updated on 22 March 2023. Changed are the dates on which VASA-seq 1.1 cell capture plates can be ordered and submitted.

Our R&D department has been working hard on optimizing our VASA-seq protocol for our services team. The new protocol, dubbed VASA-seq 1.1, will be launched in June 2023 and the current protocol will be discontinued shortly. For you as a (potential) client, this new version requires a new type of cell capture plate. There will be no other significant changes to the method in this protocol.

In this update, you can read what this could mean to you as a (potential) customer.

What is VASA-seq?

VASA-seq is a single-cell sequencing platform for full-length, total RNA sequencing. It does not rely on primers that bind to the endogenous poly(A)-tail of mRNA molecules. This allows us to analyze non-coding RNA species and immature mRNA molecules simultaneously, all at the single-cell level. As with SORT-seq, VASA-seq is based on 384-well cell capture plates and flow cytometry (FACS) sorting. More info here.

What this means for you

The most important update that we want to communicate now is the following.


Order and submit new VASA-seq 1.1 plates

We are planning to start processing samples with our new protocol on 01 June 2023.

VASA-seq 1.1 will require different 384-well cell capture plates than our other services. You can order the new cell capture plates from 22 March 2023 onwards with the plate order form. You can submit cell capture plates via the plate submission form from 01 June 2023 onwards.

We have stopped selling current VASA-seq cell capture plates to new clients starting in October 2022.

We are accepting samples on the current protocol and plates from clients that already use VASA-seq until 01 March 2023. These clients can still order the current cell capture plates until 31 December 2022 using the current plate order form on our website.

More info about VASA-seq 1.1 to come

We will provide more detailed information on the changes we’re making for VASA-seq 1.1 when we launch the service in June 2023.


Details on how to prepare the samples can be found on our sample requirements support page. Essential details on how to ship the samples are on our shipping information page.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can email us at