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Announcing VASA-seq 1.1

We’re delighted to announce that we have improved our VASA-seq 1.1 protocol. Vast transcriptome Analysis of Single cells by A-tailing (VASA-seq) is a single-cell sequencing platform for full-length, total RNA…

How we offer the BBrowserX

After the launch of the new BBrowswerX, it was time for an update on our collaboration with BioTuring. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about how we offer the…

BioTuring single cell browser BBrowserX update

BBrowserX: BioTuring single-cell browser update

BioTuring has just released its latest software offering, the BioTuring BBrowserX. This Bioturing single-cell browser is designed to help researchers analyze and visualize large amounts of single-cell data quickly and easily. It’s now available for all Single Cell Discoveries clients.

How much does single-cell sequencing cost?

Introducing our new pricing

Every year in January, we update our pricing. In this blog, we briefly explain this year’s pricing increase and what this means for you. Adapting prices to inflation As you…

Visium FFPE update

Update: Visium for FFPE

Recently, 10x Genomics has launched their Visium for FFPE kit. At Single Cell Discoveries, we have decided to include this in our Visium Pilot Program. What is Visium? Visium Spatial…

How to download your data?

How to download your data

A couple of weeks ago, we have started with a new method to send data to our customers. AWS server Your data will now be sent with our secured Amazon…

Introducing our new pricing

Update on our pricing

At Single Cell Discoveries, we strive to deliver the best value for our customers at a fair price. It is our mission to make single-cell sequencing easily accessible to the…

Order and submit your plates online

Order and submit your plates online

Out of plates? Order them via our website. Done sorting? Submit your plates for processing via the website as well. Plate order form To ensure we keep proper track of…

Short documentary about our company

Watch a short documentary about our company

In collaboration with the Hubrecht Institute, we made a short documentary about our startup. The video was made to show the importance of single-cell sequencing, give some explanation to laymen…