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Microscopic image of isolated nuclei for single cell RNA sequencing with labeled high-quality nuclei, low-quality nuclei, and debris.

Nuclei Isolation for Single Cell: Which Method?

Nuclei isolation — To produce high-quality data with single nucleus RNA sequencing, it’s important first to find the most fitting nuclei isolation protocol. To be more precise, it’s important to…

10x Genomics Multiome vs. scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq

10x Genomics Multiome – 10x Genomics’ combinatory technology Multiome Single Cell Gene Expression + ATAC can be a perfect tool for many intricate questions in drug development. In two blog posts,…

10x Multiome combines single-cell RNA with chromatin accessibility data for mapping high-resolution gene networks.

How 10x Multiome Works:
A Guide

10x Multiome – Almost all medical diseases in need of new therapeutics—including cancer, immune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders—result from a complex interplay between gene expression and epigenetic programs. In order…

ATAC-seq for single cells at Single Cell Discoveries

ATAC-seq for Single Cells: Benefits and Limitations

ATAC-seq for single cells — Like any biomedical technique, single-cell ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing: scATAC-seq) has benefits and limitations. Some biological questions it is perfectly fit to…

Gamma Delta T Cells at single-cell resolution

Why study
Gamma-Delta T cells?

Gamma-delta T cells are gaining considerable attention as a powerful immunotherapy tool against cancer. What underpins their promise? How will they be applied in the clinic? Gamma-delta (γδ) T cells…

Announcing VASA-seq 1.1

We’re delighted to announce that we have improved our VASA-seq 1.1 protocol. Vast transcriptome Analysis of Single cells by A-tailing (VASA-seq) is a single-cell sequencing platform for full-length, total RNA…

AAV gene therapy optimization with single-cell sequencing

AAV gene therapy optimization with single-cell sequencing

This blog evaluates the demand for AAV gene therapy optimization and Single Cell Discoveries’ response: single-cell biodistribution and transgene expression assay for AAV drug developers. In the rapidly evolving landscape…

10x flex adapted for fixed xenograft tissue

10x Flex for Fixed Xenograft Tissue

10x Flex brings single-cell sequencing to paraformaldehyde-fixed human and mouse samples. Read on to learn how we have advanced that protocol to work on patient-derived mouse xenografts. Patient-derived xenografts (PDx)…