When and How to Leverage Bioinformatics Consulting Services

Rising to the challenges of single-cell data analysis can be illuminating, or it can be tiresome. That depends on the context of your project, team, skills, and schedule. How do you know if you’re in a situation that benefits from our bioinformatics consulting service? This blog provides some guidance on when and how to leverage our bioinformatics consulting services.

At Single Cell Discoveries, we provide full-package single-cell sequencing services, which include consultation, sample preparation, single-cell sequencing, exploratory data analysis, and bioinformatics consulting. Regarding that latter asset, our data consultants provide three important advantages: speed, high data quality, and the possibility to discuss all data analysis questions. But is that something that fits your situation?

1. Planning large-scale data analysis project

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You’re planning a large-scale project that requires single-cell sequencing of multiple samples. In that case, you would also require a systematic and large-scale approach to single-cell data analysis, but it might be beyond your capability.

Our advice

Our bio-informaticians have experience in handling large-scale projects, and we deliver systematic analysis with dependable turnaround times and quality levels. We understand that every project is unique and may require different approaches depending on the preliminary findings or the need for more advanced analyses. Therefore, we offer customized bioinformatics consulting services to meet your specific requirements.

2. You already have obtained single-cell data

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You have obtained single-cell data from sources other than us but are still interested in what our data consultants can offer.

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Whether your transcriptome data was generated with us or elsewhere, we’re here to help you uncover actionable insights..

3. In need of publication-ready figures

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You need high-quality data that can be quickly turned into publication- or presentation-ready figures.

Our advice

We are thrilled to offer fast turnaround times for our deliverables. Our bioinformatics consulting service is specifically designed for scientists who need easy access to extensive single-cell data expertise. You can leverage our capacity, time, and skill to quickly and effortlessly obtain single-cell data, custom figures ready for publication, or directions for future experiments. As you benefit from our data analysis experience, we will be guided by your biological expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes.

4. Assurance for accurate analyses

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You have a clear idea of the analyses you need but require assurance that they will be conducted accurately.

Our advice

We can assist you with most of the advanced tasks involving single-cell data analysis, including:

  1. In-depth comparisons of gene expression profiles between samples;
  2. Lineage tracing or cell trajectory inference;
  3. Gene co-expression analysis;
  4. Integration with available (public) data sets and cell label transfer;
  5. Transgene detection for single-cell biodistribution assay.

Let us know what you need during a call, and we can customize a project that fits your biological questions and requirements.

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5. Uncertain about the best approach

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You might know what data you need, but not how to find it, or what analyses to use but not which data practices are best.

Our advice

Seems like you can utilize the listening ears of our data team. We can give you the answers to the select questions you have, help you along with some of these analyses, or take everything out of your hands and do it for you. Curious? Leave us a comment!

6. Confident in analyzing the data yourself

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You seem to be confident in analyzing the single-cell sequencing data required for the project.

Our advice

It seems like you want to proceed with single-cell data analysis on your own, which is an exciting field to explore! To help you begin, we will provide you with an exploratory data report, which will show you the quality of your data, how your cells cluster in cell types using default parameters, and the differential genes we have found. If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our data team.


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There are educational blogs to help you learn about single-cell data analysis:

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  3. Get to know single-cell data’s most popular visualizations: tSNE and UMAP.
  4. If you’re handling 10x Genomics data, it’s best to learn about the CellRanger tool first.


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7. Bioinformatics consulting team available

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You have a nearby department full of skilled data professionals who can fulfill your requests, communicate effectively, work quickly, and specialize in single-cell.

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You already have everything we offer, so there’s no need to contact us.


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