How to download your data

How to download your data?

A couple of weeks ago, we have started with a new method to send data to our customers.

AWS server

Your data will now be sent with our secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, engineered by CommaSoft AG. This method makes it possible to download your data in multiple ways.

Is your institute using AWS as a data portal? Then you can fetch your data directly from our AWS server space to your own AWS server space.

If your institute is not using AWS, you have two options. Either download your data by pasting the download link directly in your internet browser or via a command-line session of your server cluster.

Zip file

Besides these download options, you will receive all of your data and analysis results in one zipped package. This package is encrypted and secured with a password.

This zipped package is available for download for one week. Please inform us if you cannot download the data within one week.

Our formerly used data transfer method, WeTransfer, will still be used for small follow-up data analyses.