Update on our pricing

Introducing our new pricing

At Single Cell Discoveries, we strive to deliver the best value for our customers at a fair price. It is our mission to make single-cell sequencing easily accessible to the scientific community. Therefore, it is a pleasure to introduce our updated pricing structure for the new year. In this post, we will explain what changes, and why we are making them.

Defining a clear pricing structure

First of all, we have made our pricing easier to understand. From the first half year of operations, we conclude that most customers choose a sequencing depth of 75,000 or 150,000 reads per cell. In fact, most of the questions our customers have can actually be answered when sequencing at any of these two depths. For this reason, we are now offering 3 different pre-defined packages for the SORT-seq protocol to our customers: 

Pricing tables website

In summary, we feel that with the new packages, we are able to serve almost all of our customers properly. However, if you think you require an alternative sequencing depth for your experiments, please feel free to contact us for a bespoke offer. 

Getting ready for the future

Secondly, when we started the company in 2018, we first entered into a transition period between the Hubrecht Core Facility and the new company. As of January 2019, this transition period has finished. Therefore, we have updated our pricing to ensure we can offer a professional and fast service for our customers. In addition, we will continue developing new products and services. 

Align with the market

Finally, our updated pricing structure is now aligned with various single-cell sequencing solutions in the market while still being competitive for sequencing relatively low numbers of cells.

More information

For more information on our updated pricing, please review the updated pricing page on our website. You can also use the button below to download a copy of our updated pricing directly.