BioTuring single-cell browser update: BBrowserX

BioTuring has just released its latest software offering, the BioTuring BBrowserX. This Bioturing single-cell browser is designed to help researchers analyze and visualize large amounts of single-cell data quickly and easily.

It is now available for all Single Cell Discoveries clients.

BioTuring single-cell browser

The BioTuring BBrowserX is a state-of-the-art data visualization and analysis tool that provides researchers with a streamlined, user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) platform for analyzing single-cell datasets. Its built-in GPU acceleration gives BBrowserX the power to scale up to millions of cells.

BioTuring introduces the BBrowserX capabilities.

It allows researchers to perform many types of  advanced analyses, including subclustering and reclustering, cell type prediction using publicly available single-cell datasets, differential gene expression analysis, pseudotime trajectory analysis, and more.

In addition, BioTuring BBrowserX offers a range of visualization tools that help researchers intuitively explore their data. From heat maps to violin plots and 3D visualizations, the BBrowserX helps scientists to spot trends and patterns in their data, thus enabling downstream interpretation.

User Guide

With its release, the Bioturing BBrowserX is now available to all Single Cell Discoveries clients. This deal is part of the collaboration between Single Cell Discoveries and BioTuring to improve single-cell sequencing research.

Read our BBrowserX user guide for more information.

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