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How many plates should I sort for each sample?

We’ll need a minimum of two plates for each sample or condition. This ensures there is always a technical back-up plate available in case something goes wrong with the shipment or processing.

How many plates per sample should I send you for processing and sequencing?

This mostly depends on your biological question. For cell type identification in a sample that contains only a few cell types, 2-3 plates are probably enough. If you are interested in subtle changes in the transcriptome, or if you are looking for rare cell populations, we may need more plates.

Can I process plates from the same experiment at different time points and combine the data?

Yes, you can first process one plate (or set of plates) and then continue with the rest later on. Any minor technical batch effects should be negligible, especially if the biological differences between populations of cells in your sample are clear.

How do I get started with SORT-seq?

The first step is to reach out to us to set up a meeting with one of our specialists. During this meeting we’ll discuss your experiment and help you define a pilot experiment. Next, you order the cell capture plates via our website. Once you have sorted single-cells into the plates, you ship them back to us for processing.

Can I combine SORT-seq single-cell sequencing data with data from other platforms such as 10x Genomics?

While this is possible in principle, it will likely require some batch effect correction. Different technologies will yield slightly different results due to technology-specific technical quirks and other biases. However, with batch effect correction and a clear biological difference between the different populations in your samples, it should be possible to mix with data from other platforms.

What are the requirements to process my plates?

Before we can process your plates, you need a signed quotation and they must be submitted using our sample submission form. The excel sheet from the sample submission must be added to your package.

How long will it take to process my samples?

4 to 8 weeks

Will I receive updates on processing from your lab?

Yes, during the processing you will receive two updates: one to inform you that we have started processing your plates and one to share your QC results.

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