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Which species is VASA-seq compatible with?

Currently, VASA-seq works on cells of human, mouse and rat origin.

How do you handle ribosomal RNA (rRNA) with VASA-seq?

The rRNA is physically removed from the cells before we proceed with the amplification of the RNA contents of the cells.

What is your throughput time of VASA-seq?

Our throughput time is 4-6 weeks, from the moment we receive your plates.

Which cells are compatible with VASA-seq?

All fresh cell types/nuclei that can be FACS sorted (live/dead), are suitable. Methanol-fixed cells that are rehydrated before sorting are also compatible with VASA-seq.

Are the cell capture plates from SORT-seq and VASA-seq the same?

No, the plates are not interchangeable.

How can I order cell capture plates

You can order the cell capture plates via the plate order form.

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