Andrei, welcome to the team!

Andrei Prodan

We are happy to announce that Andrei Prodan, PhD, has joined SCD as our new Head of Data Science. Here, he will coordinate the SCD Data Science team, update and maintain the computational infrastructure and bioinformatics pipelines. He will also manage research collaborations and projects.

Andrei Prodan is originally from Deva, a small town in Transylvania, Romania. After earning his BSc in Food Science in Romania and Germany and his MSc in Food Science in Denmark and Finland, he obtained his Ph.D. at the VU University in Amsterdam, studying the interaction between the human oral microbiome, host immune system, and oral biochemistry. Then, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Bioinformatics at the Internal and Vascular Medicine department of the Amsterdam Medical Center, analyzing omics and clinical data from human clinical trials and cohort studies focusing on the effect of the gut microbiome on health.

Afterward, he moved to the industry as Senior Data Scientist at NIZO, a leading Dutch contract research organization for the Food and Pharma industries. He enjoys writing bioinformatic pipelines and data analysis code and keeping up to speed with the latest developments in computational biology tools and algorithms.

In his spare time, moreover, Andrei Prodan likes to run, hike, and read non-fiction, history, and SF books. He is very excited to join SCD and to work on the cutting edge of single-cell RNA sequencing bioinformatics.

We are happy to welcome Andrei Prodan to the team!