Marina, welcome to the team!

Marina Costagliola di Polidoro

We are happy to announce that Marina Costagliola di Polidoro has joined the sales team as a business development representative! Marina will mainly be responsible for the sales pipeline and executing consultation calls with leads and clients. She strives to understand each customer’s specific needs and addresses them with the help of our services.

Marina has a background in Molecular Biology at the University of Naples Federico II (BSc). Soon after, she recognized her character better matched the communication and sales activities, therefore she combined her scientific background with business. Marina gained experience in sales working for denovoMATRIX, a German biotech start-up where she learned account management and sales strategies like prospecting, lead generation, and cold outreach.

Marina originally comes from Naples, Italy, so having a good pizza is mandatory for her life! She loves listening to music and attending concerts and festivals. Enjoy taking part in cultural activities at theaters, cinemas, or museums; she is a big fan of arts in every form, particularly photography. In her free time, Marina watches movies or binge-watch series from crime and thrillers to coming-of-age.

Welcome to the team, Marina!