Oriol, welcome to the team!

Oriol Llorà Batlle, PERSIST-seq scientist at Single Cell Discoveries

We are delighted to welcome Oriol Llorà Batlle to our team as the PERSIST-SEQ Scientist. In this role, Oriol will take the lead in coordinating and processing the sequencing efforts for the PERSIST-SEQ consortium.

Oriol has an impressive academic background, having earned his BSc in Biology from the University of Girona in Spain and his MSC and PhD in Biomedical Research from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Throughout most of his career, Oriol has been studying transcriptional regulation. He began his research by studying the regulation of the cardiac sodium channel using in vitro models during his BSc internship. Later, he shifted his focus to the transcriptional regulation of malaria parasites during his MSc and PhD, with a particular emphasis on understanding the role and control of a specific transcription factor in the sexual development of the parasites. This knowledge is crucial for designing interventions to prevent the transmission of malaria.

For his postdoctoral experience, Oriol wanted to move abroad, so he joined Andrea Brand’s at the University of Cambridge to work with the transcriptional regulation of neurogenesis. During this time, he gained valuable experience in single-cell approaches, particularly in adapting a bulk technique to the single-cell level.

When not in the lab, Oriol enjoys practicing outdoor sports such as road cycling, running, hiking, and kitesurfing. He also loves video games, board games, and the company of a good book.

We are confident that Oriol’s extensive experience in transcriptional regulation and single-cell approaches will make him a valuable asset to our team. Welcome aboard, Oriol!