Otis, welcome to the team!

We are very excited to welcome the newest member of the team, the Opentrons OT-2 pipetting robot!

The robot will help us with increasing the output of our processes and further develop our services.

The OT-2, nicknamed “Otis”, was conceived in New York, US and born in Shenzen, China. Being only a few weeks old, he is already fluent in Python and can understand a variety of inputs like JSON and CSV. Otis is happy to start in our lab what will be a life-long career in life sciences.

Lotte Koopman, lab manager at Single Cell Discoveries comments:

“With Otis joining our team, we will be able to further professionalize the services we provide to our customers. Otis is known for working precise and meticulous, and for not complaining when doing lots of repetitive tasks. We are confident that he will do a very good job at assisting us with our NGS library preps.”

Otis has a strong background in automation and robotics, as well as a fundamental passion for open source.

We are happy to welcome Otis to the team!