Pablo, welcome to the team!

Pablo Gómez Sacristán

Pablo Gómez Sacristán will join the Data team as a Junior Bioinformatician. Pablo has a BSc in Biotechnology and an MSc in Computational Biology from the Technical University of Madrid. He did a bachelor’s internship at the University College Cork in Ireland, where he studied early alterations occurring to Tau protein in Alzheimer’s disease. In this study, they used primary neuronal cell cultures and treated them with different compounds to explore which ones were relevant for Tau alterations. These Tau alterations appear before Alzheimer’s symptoms and, therefore, could be relevant biomarkers or used to research early treatments.

Pablo did a master’s internship at the Cancer Research Institute of Marseille in France, where he applied machine-learning algorithms for early drug discovery in cancer. He focused on PDL1, a protein altered in several types of cancer. In addition, they analyzed computationally the affinity of this target with drug-like compounds that could potentially inhibit the interaction between PDL1 and PD1, which is relevant for cancer immune evasion.

After finishing his master’s, Pablo moved to Amsterdam, where he worked at Macrogen Europe as a bioinformation. During his previous job at Macrogen, he analyzed NGS data. Pablo Gómez Sacristán has now joined the team of Single Cell Discoveries as a Junior Bioinformatician.

In his free time, Pablo likes to read and run. He also loves travelling as much as he can. His inner nerd gets triggered by video games such as Pokemon or Super Mario.

We are happy to welcome Pablo Gómez Sacristán to the team!