Science Magazine declares single cell sequencing to be “Breakthrough of the year 2018”

Late last night, the renowned scientific magazine Science announced single-cell sequencing to be the scientific breakthrough of the year 2018. In fact, 12,000 of its readers voted for single-cell sequencing in the poll. Consequently, the technology left other developments like multimessenger astrophysics and a new molecular CT scan behind.

In an article in the Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant, Single Cell Discoveries CEO Mauro Muraro comments on the developments: “The field has really exploded lately. Back in the days we looked at tissue as if looking at a traditional map. With single-cell sequencing, it’s like we have Google Maps to zoom into every single house in a street.”

To review the article (Dutch only), click here.

At Single Cell Discoveries, we are happy with the recognition as we continually strive to make single-cell sequencing easily accessible for the scientific community.