Data analysis

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In contrast to popular preliminary analyses with standard pipelines, we review our data output and adjust parameters where necessary before you receive the data. Next to the raw data files, we present this exploratory data accessibly in our data reports.

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Exploratory data analysis

The exploratory data analysis is an analysis we do ourselves to check the quality of your data and to give you a first idea of your results. Besides the raw sequencing data (FASTQ format), we send you quality control reports, mapped count tables, preliminary clustering, and differential gene expression analyses. You can use this exploratory analysis to analyze the cell populations present in your sample and their differential gene expression patterns. This will help you get an understanding of your results right away.


Exploratory data report

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After each sequencing project, you will receive a data report with a comprehensive and easily accessible exploration of your data.

Curious to see what our data reports look like? View an example of our data report.