Biotech podcast The Single-Cell World speaks with our CEO

Biotech Podcast The Single-Cell World invites CEO Mauro Muraro to talk about SORT-seq: a single-cell RNA sequencing method.

Our CEO and co-founder, Mauro Muraro, PhD, is the most recent guest in the biotech podcast The Single-Cell World.

In the 40-minute conversation, he speaks to host Cátia Moutinho, PhD, about SORT-seq, the single-cell technology Mauro developed with the Van Oudenaarden Lab.

You can hear him break down the technology, describe what SORT-seq is suited for, and go into detail about how Single Cell Discoveries offers single-cell sequencing as a service to biotech, pharma, and academia.

Listen to the podcast

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The episode ends with a discussion on the need for more information sharing on single-cell, and Mauro concludes with a call to action. “I would challenge people listening,” he says, “to hit us with difficult questions, wishes, or hopes for the single-cell world.”

To do so, the easiest way to reach us is through our contact form.

About the biotech podcast The Single Cell World

The host

Single-cell scientist, creator, and podcast host Cátia Moutinho is owner of, a platform that aims to provide easy access to knowledge and expertise about single-cell technologies. She is a ‘sciencepreneur’ (co-Founder of Advice FLS and @mostlyaboutscience) and a Scientific Advisor in single-cell and spatial transcriptomics research.

The biotech podcast

The podcast started in January 2023. Its target audience is scientists of varying levels of expertise, from curious beginner to full-fledged professionals. Episode guests are usually specialists in a particular single-cell field who explain a technology, application, or technical challenge.

Episodes include a conversation with Illumina product manager Sophie Wehrkamp-Richter on the marriage between next-generation and single-cell sequencing, and episode with Dr. Luciano Martelotto on single-nuclei sequencing, and more generally informative episodes on laboratory challenges faced by single-cell scientists.