Launching our Visium Pilot Program

We are happy to announce that we are now testing 10x Genomics Visium Spatial Gene Expression as a service. 

What is Visium Spatial Gene Expression? 

This solution by 10x Genomics allows you to analyze the whole transcriptome on a tissue section. With the results, you can add morphological context to your transcriptome data. 

Visium works with slides with 4 capture areas, on which the tissue sections are placed. Each capture area contains 5,000 barcoded spots with capture oligonucleotides. 

The tissue is permeabilized so the mRNA can be captured by the spots. Then, cDNA is synthesized and prepared into a sequencing library. 

The data can be analyzed and visualized with 10x Genomics Space Ranger and Loupe Browser. 

Pilot Program 

With our Pilot Program, we will gain more experience in working with the technology and learn more about the dos and don’ts regarding the sample preparation.  

For your Visium project, this means that: 

  • We may process your tissue type of interest for the first time 
  • You get an attractive discount on Visium as long as we offer the Pilot Program
  • The results (images, cluster plots) can be used for marketing purposes, but we will always check this with you first.  

The Pilot Program is a temporary version of our Visium Spatial Gene Expression service. After this version, we will offer it as a full service, and you can no longer make use of the attractive discounts.