Manon, welcome to the team!

Manon Messchendorp

We are happy to announce that Manon Messchendorp has joined the team as a lab technician! At Single Cell Discoveries, Manon will be responsible for sample processing, sample shipments, and lab maintenance.

She obtained her BSc and MSc in Biology at the University of Leiden. During her Bachelor’s internship, she tested the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative characteristics of the soft electrophile sulforaphane on the innate immune system of zebrafish embryos. Using a tail fin cut, she compared the number of neutrophils and macrophages present at the wound site with or without treatment.

During her Master’s, she worked in the Cell & Chemical Biology group of the LUMC as well as the Antigen Presentation and Immune Regulation group of the Erasmus MC. At the LUMC, she worked on the MARCKS proteins and their molecular network controlling membrane fusion and exocytosis. At the Erasmus MC, Manon Messchendorp investigated the role of alternative start codon usage in neoantigen production during cellular stress. Here, she used different antigen presentation assays and ribosome profiling to identify cancer-specific neoantigens.

In her spare time, Manon likes to play tennis, go to the gym, and an occasional run, but her inner nerd also gets excited by reading fantasy books and playing video games.

We are happy to welcome Manon Messchendorp to the team!