Victor, welcome to the team!

We are happy to announce that Victor Swartz joined the team as Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer. Victor is managing all technical infrastructure for IT services for Single Cell Discoveries.

His focus is mainly on engaging with suppliers and vendors to understand the technology choices for Single Cell Discoveries with a focus on a medium or long-term strategy. Victor is building and designing the most optimal, efficient and secure network. He is also bringing many services in-house that were previously managed by our former IT partner. In addition, he is evaluating new partners, vendors, technologies and long-term strategies to assist Single Cell Discoveries in scaling and growing towards a new environment. 

Victor is originally from just outside Cape Town. He has worked at various companies in South Africa, from very small tech start-ups to big corporate companies. the experience and insights he has obtained working at those companies will be invaluable to his career development. We are happy that he can now use his skills at Single Cell Discoveries.

Victor loves being in nature, exploring new places, and making food for his loved ones with a few drinks, around the BBQ or over the fireplace. He is also an avid football and motorsports enthusiast with a huge interest in Formula 1, Formula E, WRC, Endurance- and Sim-racing championships.

Welcome to the team, Victor!